Upcoming Events - Internal

IEA-PVPS organizes workshops all over the World, in conjunction with conferences, fairs or national events. Meet us in PV fairs all over the World or join our webinars to learn more about the development of PV markets and technologies.

Task 13 Expert Meeting

Location: TÜV Rheinland - Cologne, Germany

Date: 12-13 October 2017

Operating Agent Task 13 - Ulrike JAHN - TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH - ulrike.jahn[at]de.tuv.com
Operating Agent Task 13 - Boris FARNUNG - Fraunhofer-Institut for Solare Energy systeme ISE - Boris.Farnung[at]ise.fraunhofer.de

Webinar by Task 13: Assessment of Photovoltaic Module Failures in the Field

Organized by Leonardo Energy

Date: 16th October 2017 - 15:00 CEST (duration: 1h)

Speakers: Ulrike Jahn (TÜV) & Gernot Oreski (PCCL)

Description: This Webinar will present the current status and predictive ability for the power loss of PV modules for specific failure modes. The team describes PV module material interactions and incompatibilities among encapsulation materials and lamination processes so as to better understand PV module failures mechanism.

Registration and description available here

For more information on this subject see the report by Task 13

Task 12 Workshop "PV for Sustainability"

Venue: Convention Hall 6, 2F - Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel, Shiga, Japan

Date & Time: 16 November 2017, 13:30 - 18:00

Description: Under the IEA PVPS, Task 12 aims to foster international collaboration on the area of photovoltaics and the sustainability and to compile and disseminate reliable information on sustainability such as environment, health and safety (EH&S), associated with the life-cycle photovoltaic technology including the end-of-life management. As an official event of PVSEC-27, this workshop will focus on socio-economic sustainability and recycling of PV.

Mr Keiichi KOMOTO - MHIR - Japan: keiichi.komoto[at]mizuho-ir.co.jp
Mr Teiji MINAMI - NEDO - Japan: minamitij[at]nedo.go.jp

More information here.

Workshop - IEA PVPS New Task 'PV for Transport'

Venue: Convention Hall 6, 2F - Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel, Shiga, Japan

Date & Time: 16 November 2017, 10:30 - 12:00

Description: IEA PVPS is preparing for launching a new Task "PV for Transport", in order to contribute to deployment of PV usage in the transportation sector. In May 2017, a concept of this new Task was approved at the 49th PVPS Executive Committee (ExCo) meeting, and a detailed Workplan of the Task will be developed until the 50th ExCo meeting in November 2017.

Mr Hiroyuki YAMADA - NEDO - Japan: yamadahry[at]nedo.go.jp
Mr Masanori ISHIMURA - NEDO - Japan: ishimuramsn[at]nedo.go.jp

More information here.

Upcoming Events - Others

Here below are listed events and conferences organized outside of the scope of IEA-PVPS but where you will be able to acquire intelligence regarding PV development and technologies. Also, you will be able to meet some experts involved in IEA-PVPS Tasks at these events.


Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Date: 25-29 September 2017

More: https://www.photovoltaic-conference.com/

SolarPACES 2017 Conference

Location: Santiago de Chile, Chile

Date: 26-29 September 2017

More: www.solarpaces-conference.org/home.html

Genera Latinoamérica

Location: Santiago de Chile, Chile

Date: 4-5-6 October 2017

More: http://www.generalatinoamerica.cl/genera.php

EnerSol 2017

Location: Antofagasta, Chile

Date: 5-6 October 2017


Program and Information


Location: Shiga, Japan

Date: 12-17 November 2017

More : http://www.pvsec.org/future-conference.html