Workshop Presentations

    Document name Issue date Creator / Publisher
9100 Agenda00 Agenda2012/11/05  /  IEA PVPS
9202 Zhao Yuwen China PV Society02 Zhao Yuwen China PV Society2012/11/05Zhao Yuwen  /  IEA PVPS
9303 Izumi KAIZUKA Trends Report03 Izumi KAIZUKA Trends Report2012/11/05Izumi KAIZUKA  /  IEA PVPS
9404 Keiichi Komoto Task804 Keiichi Komoto Task82012/11/05Keiichi Komoto  /  IEA PVPS
9505 Roland Bruendlinger Task1405 Roland Bruendlinger Task142012/11/05Roland Bruendlinger  /  IEA PVPS
9607 Muriel Watt Grid Parity07 Muriel Watt Grid Parity2012/11/05Muriel Watt  /  IEA PVPS
9708 Wang Yibo Mini Gridin China08 Wang Yibo Mini Gridin China2012/11/05Wang Yibo  /  IEA PVPS
9809 Peter Ahm PV in emerging markets09 Peter Ahm PV in emerging markets2012/11/05Peter Ahm  /  IEA PVPS
9910 Gaetan Masson EPIA10 Gaetan Masson EPIA2012/11/05Gaetan Masson  /  IEA PVPS
10011 Kevi Lynn, Task1211 Kevi Lynn, Task122012/11/05Kevi Lynn  /  IEA PVPS
10112 Ulrike Jahn, Task1312 Ulrike Jahn, Task132012/11/05Ulrike Jahn  /  IEA PVPS
10213 Zou Xinjing, Testing13 Zou Xinjing, Testing2012/11/05Zou Xinjing  /  IEA PVPS
10314 Wang Lin China General Certification14 Wang Lin China General Certification2012/11/05Wang Lin  /  IEA PVPS
10406 Wang Sicheng, NDRC06 Wang Sicheng, NDRC2012/11/05Wang Sicheng  /  IEA PVPS
10505_Packard_Fielded PV Module Condition05_Packard_Fielded PV Module Condition2012/10/23Corinne E. Packard, NREL - Col. S. of Mines  /  IEA PVPS

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