Recent Publications

application/pdf  Task 9 _ User guide monitoring PV diesel hybrid systems
2016/02/02,  2.2 MB,  ###MARK_CREATOR###
application/pdf  Pico Solar PV Systems for Remote Homes
2013/05/21,  1.7 MB,  ###MARK_CREATOR###
application/pdf  Policy Recommendations to Improve the Sustainability of Rural Water Supply Systems
This paper outlines the various common problems experienced in rural water supply projects implemented by experts from the water and sanitation sector and projects implemented by experts from the field of photovoltaic energy. It is desirable to promote closer collaboration and enhanced information exchange between the water sector and the renewable energy sector to benefit from the solutions already developed for the identified problems. Recommendations have been developed to improve the sustainability of rural water supply system projects and to support the institutional and planning frameworks involved in rural water supply programmes.
2012/06/22,  0.9 MB,  ###MARK_CREATOR###
application/pdf  Renewable Energy Services for developing Countries
In 2008 major outputs of Task 9 work since 1999 on PV were compiled together with information on other renewable energy technologies in a synthesis document: Renewable Energy Services for Developing Countries In support of the Millennium Development Goals: Recommended Practice & Key Lessons This document contains: - A comparison of strengths and weaknesses of small- scale hydro, small wind turbines and solar PV for rural electrification - Details on appropriate policy environment, finance solutions and models - Examples of tools to improve the design and implementation of rural electrification projects - Six case studies in Africa, Asia and South America - Key lessons on policy, finance, project implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
2008/12/31,  1.3 MB,  ###MARK_CREATOR###

Forthcoming Publications in 2011

  • Flyer on Pico PV Services
  • Presentations and flyers on Hybrids, PV deployment in the urban environment, large scale PV and PV for rural electrification
  • Case studies on PV deployment in the urban environment