IEA PVPS Workshop at PVSEC 22, Hangzhou, China, Nov. 6th, 2012

application/pdf  00 Agenda
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application/pdf  01 Stefan Nowak IEA PVPS
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application/pdf  02 Zhao Yuwen China PV Society
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application/pdf  03 Izumi KAIZUKA Trends Report
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application/pdf  04 Keiichi Komoto Task8
, 2012/11/05, 1.7 MB
application/pdf  05 Roland Bruendlinger Task14
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application/pdf  06 Wang Sicheng, NDRC
, 2012/11/05, 762 KB
application/pdf  07 Muriel Watt Grid Parity
, 2012/11/05, 0.9 MB
application/pdf  08 Wang Yibo Mini Gridin China
, 2012/11/05, 1.1 MB
application/pdf  09 Peter Ahm PV in emerging markets
, 2012/11/05, 383 KB
application/pdf  10 Gaetan Masson EPIA
, 2012/11/05, 1.3 MB
application/pdf  11 Kevi Lynn, Task12
, 2012/11/05, 552 KB
application/pdf  12 Ulrike Jahn, Task13
, 2012/11/05, 0.9 MB
application/pdf  13 Zou Xinjing, Testing
, 2012/11/05, 527 KB
application/pdf  14 Wang Lin China General Certification
, 2012/11/05, 1.0 MB

Characterizing and Classifying Failures of PV Modules (Task 13), Frankfurt Germany, Sept. 24th, 2012

Very Large Scale PV Systems (VLS-PV) for Sustainability (Task 8), Frankfurt, Germany Sept. 27th 2012

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Utility Activities within Photovoltaics, April 19th, 2012, Stockholm, Sweden

The Current PV Situation

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IEA-PVPS Introduction, Greg Watt, Australian PV Association, IEA-PVPS Task 1, Australia

Latest numbers and news from the Swedish PV-market, Johan Lindahl, Uppsala University, IEA-PVPS Task 1, Sweden

The current PV-situation in the world, Gaëtan Masson, EPIA, IEA-PVPS Task 1, Belgium

The situation for a Swedish PV-sytem owner, Dr. Bengt Stridh, ABB Corporate Research, Sweden

Toughts from a PV-system installer company, Dr. Lars Hedström, Direct Energy, Sweden

PV from an investor's perspective, Pius Hüsser, Nova Energie GmbH, IEA-PVPS Task 1, Switzerland

Challenges of high PV penetrations in distrbution grids, Dr. Joakim Widén, Uppsala University, Sweden

Swedish Utility Activities

Solar energy in the sustainable city, Li Lövehed, E.ON Försäljning Sverige AB, Sweden

The DSO role engaging our consumers in microproduction area, Jonas Person, Mälarenergi Elnät AB, Sweden

How to get people enthusiatic about grid-connected PV solutions at home, Johan Ehrenberg, Egen el i Stockholm AB, Sweden 

Evolving a Solar Economic Association into NG, Hans Nyhlén, Sala-Heby Energi AB, Sweden

International Utility Activities

General overview of the worldwide utility experiences, Greg Watt, Australian PV Association, IEA-PVPS Task 1, Australia

Overview of Japanese power condition and utility activities within PV, Izumi Kaizuka, RTS Corporation, IEA-PVPS Task1, Japan

PV aagregation esults from Germany, Dr. Bernhard Ernst, Director Grid Integration, SMA Solar Technology AG, Germany

Photovolatic Systems in Israel, Dr. Yona Siderer, Ben-Gurion University, National Solar Center in Sede Boquer, IEA-PVPS Task 1, Denmark

PV and utilities in emerging countries/markets, Peter Ahm, PA Energy A/S, IEA-PVPS Task 1, Denmark.

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