“Ensuring Robust PV Market Development with Limited Financial Support: the Role of New Business Models”

While Feed-in Tariffs and similar schemes have succeeded in bringing the PV capacity to more than 100 GW in 2013, the question of how to further develop PV markets becomes more acute. This workshop will explore the evolution of PV in its main markets, together with an in-depth analysis of the potential and challenges of self-consumption based business models. In addition, the need to integrate in the electricity system and to involve traditional actors from this ecosystem represents a major challenge for a decentralized energy source as PV. We will explore the possibilities for utilities to step in the PV market and how electricity markets behave with high PV penetration shares.

As an official event of the 28th EU PVSEC, this PVPS Programme Workshop was jointly organised by IEA PVPS, EPIA and the EU PVSEC.

Welcome Speech & the Role of the IEA PVPS Program

Stefan Nowak, Chairman of IEA PVPS, Net Energy

Session 1 – Market Development Trends: The Expected Rise of New Business Models

·         Europe’s shift to rooftop markets: Gaëtan Masson, IEA PVPS / EPIA

·         The expected boom of Japan: Izumi Kaizuka, RTS Corporation

·         Market Trends in China: Lu Fang, China PV Society

·         Market Trends in the US: Dr. Bonna Newman on behalf of Paula Mints

Session 2 - The Role of New Business Models in the Rooftops Segments: The Transition to an Energy-Savings Market

·         Self-Consumption and Net-Metering Schemes in Europe: Marie Latour, EPIA

·         How Self-Consumption Could Reshape Rooftop Markets: Valerick Cassagne, Total

·         Storage Incentives and Demand Side Management: Bryan Ekus, International Battery and Energy Storage Alliance

·         Smart grids, islands and the development of PV: Thomas Walter, WirSol (presentation not available, please contact Mr. Walter)

Session 3 - PV in the Electricity Sector: How Utilities and The Integration into Electricity Markets Could Bring in New Business Models.

·         PV-as-a-service: the E.ON case: Dr. Holger Klärner, E.ON (presentation not available, please contact Dr. Klärner)

·         Are PV developers the new utilities? Thierry Lepercq, SolaireDirect

·         Revenues through electricity markets: Nicolas Gourvitch, Green Giraffe Energy Bankers

·         Competitive PV on Power Markets: Requirements for a Smooth Transition: Achim Woyte, 3E