International Workshop on PV reliability and New Business Models

Session 1: PV reliability

Keynote Talk - "Lifetime and Degradation - Science of Photovoltaic Performance: A Data Science Approach"

Roger French, Case Western Reserv Univ., U.S.A.

"Development of Long-term Lifetime Prediction and Assurance Method for PV Modules"

Chang Woon Han, KETI, Korea

"An Open Platform to Speed Up and Cost Down the PV Reliability R&D and Enhancement"

Soo-Young Oh, Yeungnam Univ. RIC for Solar Cell & Module, Korea

"PV Quality and Reliability: A European Perspective on a Global Topic"

Ioannis-Thomas Theologitis, EPIA, EU

"From Quality to Competitiveness: The Role of Reliability in the Cost of Capital"

Gaëtan Masson, PVPS Task 1 Operating Agent, EPIA, EU

Session 2: Certification & Standardization

"PV Reliability: Current Certification Testing and New Initiatives"

(Mani) G. TamizhMani, President, TUV Rheinland PTL Arizona, U.S.A.

"Current Status of PV Standardization Activities in Korea"

Jae Ho Yun, KIER, Korea

"The Latest Standard Trend of PV Balance of Systems (BOS)"

Jeong-Hyun Shin, KTC, Korea

"Introduction of BIPV Global Trends and Development of BIPV Testing: Accelerated Life Test and Outdoor Weathering Test"

Kyu-Jin Kim, KCL, Korea

"Status and Challenges of International vs. Domestic PV Module Certification Business"

Jae Hak Jung, TUV Rheinland Yeungnam University Center, Korea

Session 3: PV New Business Models

"Introductory Talk - From an Incentivize Market to a Competitive PV Market: The Role of New Business Models"

Gaëtan Masson, PVPS Task 1 Operating Agent, EPIA, EU

"A Global Snapshot of Emerging Market Drivers for PV"

Greg Watt, Communication Manager, Australian PV Institute, Australia

"Third-Party Ownership and Changing Market Dynamics in the U.S."

Robert Margolis, NREL, U.S.A.

"PV in Thailand"

Kulwaree Buranasajjawaraporn, Thailand Energy Ministry

"PV Status in Japan: FIT and New Business Models"

Izumi Kaizuka, RTS, Japan