Joint Task 14 - METAPV Project Workshop: "Smart PV grid integration: Developments, demonstrations and future outlook"


New possibilities for large scale grid integration of variable photovoltaic power. On the occasion of a joint MetaPV and IEA PVPS Task 14 workshop held in Brussels on Monday 6 May 2013, international grid specialists, distribution system operators and policy experts discussed new perspectives to increase the grid hosting capacity for distributed photovoltaic (PV) power.


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Power System with variable renewables: Simon Mueller, IEA

IEA PVPS framework and strategy, Gaëtan Masson, IEA PVPS Task 1

IEA PVPS task 14, Roland Bruendlinger, Christoph Mayr, AIT, Austria

PV Grid Integration in Japan, Prof. Kazuhiko Ogimoto, University of Tokyo, Japan

PV Grid Integration in the USA, Barry Mather, NREL, USA

Grid support from PV in standards, Wouter Vancoetsem, Laborelec, Cenelec TC8X

PV in Belgium, Gregory Neubourg, APERe

PV Grid integration in the Walloon Region: Olgan Durieux, ORES

PV Grid integration in the Flanders Region: Wim Deprez, Infrax

The MetaPV Project, Carlos Dierckxsens, 3E

Large scale demonstration in practice - lessons learnt, Koen Nulens, LRM

Inverter functions for active voltage control: control and communication: Tarek Fawzy, SMA

Grid constraints, solutions and their economics: Benoit Bletterie, AIT, Austria

Demonstration and best practices: Wim Deprez, Infrax

Europe's policy to connect renewables: Tom Howes, European Commission, DG Energy, Renewable and CCS Policy Unit 

Connecting the Sun, policy of the PV industry in Europe: Frauke Thies, EPIA

PV in the European Electricity Grid Initiative: Carlos Costa Rausa, Enel Distribuzione spa