IEA PVPS Task 14 – High Penetration PV Workshop


On 31 March 2014, IEA PVPS TAsk 14 organized a workshop on the impact of high PV penetration on electricity networks. This workshop concludes a series a works realized within the Task 14 of IEA PVPS during these last years.


The following presentations where given:

1. Task 14 overview (Christoph Mayr, Roland Bründlinger, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, IEA-PVPS Task 14 Operating Agents)

2. Impact of decentralized power plants to the grid (Yi-Hui Tseng, SIG and Jean-Marc Allenbach, HEPIA)

3. Integration of PV in electricity grids - relevance in the global, the IEA PVPS and the Swiss context (Dr. Stefan Nowak, Chairman IEA PVPS and PV RTD Manager, SFOE)

4. Task 14 Swiss Team presentation (Davy Marcel, Planair)

5. Storage need for renewable energy scenarios (Jan Redmund, Meteotest)

6. Why the 3% voltage rise rule must be abolished (Christoph Bucher, Basler & Hofman)

7. Grid integration with modern PV inverters (André Luthi, Sputnik engineering AG)

8. PV in Distribution Grids of Switzerland Impact and Measures (Dr. Maurus Bachmann, Swiss Smart Grid association)

9. PVPS PV grid integration in Germany (Thomas Stetz, Fraunhofer IWES, Task 14 Representative Germany)

10. PVPS PV grid integration in the U.S.A (Barry Mather, NREL, Task 14 Representative USA)

11. PVPS PV grid integration in Japan (Prof. Kazuhiko Ogimoto, University of Tokyo, Task 14 Representative Japan)

12. Highlights of European PV market development (Manoël Rekinger, EPIA, Task 14 Representative)