IEA-PVPS Task 12 Open Workshop in Amsterdam

PV Life Cycle Management & Recycling

With the introduction of regulatory requirements on the end-of-life management of PV panels and installations in the European Union through the recast WEEE Directive and the transposition of this Directive into 27+ different EU Member State Laws, the topic of PV Recycling reached the next level of maturity – evolving from mainly voluntary producer life cycle management initiatives to a mandatory collection and recycling regime in one of the most important PV markets globally. This development will certainly trigger similar developments in other regions of the world – first similar tendencies can be observed in the United States, Japan, Israel and China, where materials life cycle management of PV systems gains higher attention. Next to initiating policy discussions on an international level beyond the EU, the implementation of the WEEE Directive will also trigger the learning curve for PV recycling technologies to move ahead, as volumes become more predictable. The motivation for this workshop is to provide an update on the international technical and regulatory developments and re-engage the scientific community in a dialogue on end-of-life management strategies of PV systems on a global scale. 


Welcome & Introduction

Andreas Wade, IEA PVPS Task 12 / EPIA Sustainable Development WG, Germany


Technical Keynote Speech: Updating the case for PV Life Cycle Management and Recycling – newest results from life cycle assessment & material flow analysis

Prof. Vasilis Fthenakis, BNL and Columbia University, USA


Regulatory Developments in Europe – the EU WEEE Directive and the national implementations

Jan Clyncke, PV CYCLE, Belgium


Regulatory Developments in Europe – Minimum collection and treatment standards for EOL PV panels – update from the CENELEC Working Group

Andreas Wade, EPIA Sustainable Development Working Group


State-of-the-Art in PV Recycling: Silicon PV technologies

Dr. Karsten Wambach, bifa environmental institute, Germany


State-of-the-Art in PV Recycling: Silicon & Thin Film technologies

Dr. Wolfram Palitzsch, Loser Chemie GmbH, Germany


State-of-the-Art: First Solar Recycling Process Update

Andreas Wade, First Solar, Germany


State-of-Research: crystalline silicon photovoltaic recycling planning

Dr. Jun-Ki Choi, University of Dayton, USA


State-of-Research: Full Recovery End of Life Photovoltaic – the EU LIFE FRELP Project

Lodovico Ramon, SASIL, Italy


State-of-Research: Enhanced Recovery Technologies for critical raw materials

Dr. Reiner Weyhe, ACCUREC GmbH, Germany


Recycling Friendly Design: the CU-PV Project for sustainable photovoltaics

Maurice Goris, ECN, The Netherlands


Global Perspectives: Developments of PV Recycling in Japan

Keiichi Komoto, Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Japan


Global Perspectives: Developments of PV Recycling in China

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute for Electrical Engineering – presented by Andreas Wade


Global Perspectives: Developments of PV Recycling in the US

Prof. Vasilis Fthenakis, BNL and Columbia University, USA