Task 2

Performance, Reliability and Analysis of Photovoltaic Systems

The overall objective of Task 2 is to improve the operation, sizing, electrical and economical output of photovoltaic power systems and subsystems by collecting, analyzing and disseminating information on their performance and reliability, providing a basis for their assessment, and developing practical recommendations. The target groups of this Task are PV system specialists, research laboratories, utilities and manufacturers, system designers, installers, standardization organizations and vocational schools. To achieve this objective, three main activities have been identified:

International Database

To develop an international database containing information on the technical performance, reliability and costs of PV systems and subsystems located worldwide. The database user can select PV system data, present monitoring data and calculated results, and in addition export these data into spread sheet programmes. Operational data in the database will reflect at least one year of continuous monitoring with inputs at monthly intervals.
At present, the Task 2 Performance Database contains high quality data of 461 monitored PV plants with an installed capacity of some 12 MWp adapted to various applications (power supply, domestic uses, rural electrification, professional applications) and located worldwide. Click here for further database specifications or go to http://www.pvps-task2.zae.uni-erlangen.de/pvpsweb/  to download the Performance Database updated September 2006 (45 MB). The next update of the Performance Database will be released in May 2007. The Performance Database is available via Internet and on CD-ROM and has been distributed to more than 4000 international users from 90 countries and different fields.

Technical Assessments and Trends of PV Systems

To analyze and validate expertise and performance results of PV systems, both in order to ensure the quality and comparability of information gathered in the Performance Database and to identify high performance products, technologies and design methodology. Activities to date include the work on performance, acceptance and standardisation of PV in the built environment, technological choices and strategies with respect to PV system reliability and the improvement of performance prediction with respect to both the solar resource and system performance.

PV System Cost over Time

To identify and evaluate the important elements which are responsible for the life cycle economic performance of PV systems by investigating economic data for all key components of PV systems and by gathering information about real life costs of maintenance of PV systems. Balancing the investments, the capital costs against the electrical and economical output of the PV system during its life cycle will enhance the knowledge of true life cycle economic performance of PV systems.

An IEA PVPS Task 2 flyer (pdf document, 1128 kB) is available, containing general information about this task, including results until date. Task 2 status reports can be found in the annual reports of the IEA PVPS Programme. 

Publications and other project results

The key product of Task 2 is the Performance Database. This database is designed to provide PV system specialists and other target groups as well as other Tasks of PVPS with suitable information on the operational performance, reliability and costs of PV systems and components. The database can be downloaded or ordered from the Task 2 website http://www.pvps-task2.zae.uni-erlangen.de/pvpsweb/.


The Task 2 publications deal with technical and economic performance analysis results of PV systems can be downloaded here.