Challenges & Promisses to Large-Scale PV Deployment

In 2014, PV will provide at least 1% of the world electricity demand for the first time. While this percentage represents still a small contribution, PV’s growth is at such a pace that it could become a significant source of electricity and modify radically the way how the world is powered in the coming decade. The IEA-PVPS has been researching the challenges associated with PV development for well over 20 years. This workshop will highlight the main challenges and promises PV will bear in the coming years and decades.


This workshop was Chaired by

Dr. Hiroyuki Yamada, Vice chairman of IEA PVPS/ NEDO, Japan

Stefan Nowak, Chairman of IEA PVPS

Opening session – Mainstream PV Electricity as a Game Changer in An Evolving Energy World

Stefan Nowak - Chairman of IEA PVPS, Switzerland

Gaëtan Masson - Operating Agent of IEA PVPS Task 1, Belgium

Christian Breyer - IEA PVPS Task 8, LUT - Finland

Session 1 – PV as a Game Changer – But Can the Grid and the Electricity System Afford Such Changes?

Roland Bründlinger - IEA PVPS Task 14, AIT, Austria

Ioannis-Thomas Theologitis - IEA PVPS Task 14, European PV Industry Association (EPIA), Belgium

Thomas Stetz - IEA PVPS Task 14, Fraunhofer IWES - Germany


Session 2 – PV Market Development Trends: The Expected Rise of New Business Models

Arnulf-Jaeger Waldau - IEA PVPS Task 1, European Commission, Joint Research Center, Italy

Robert Margolis - IEA PVPS Task 1, NREL, USA

Thomas Meier - IEA PVPS Task 9, ENTEC, Switzertland

Anjali Shanker - IEA PVPS Task 9, France

Session 3 – PV Recycling Policies and Technology

Ricky Sinha - IEA PVPS Task 12, First Solar, USA

Session 4 – The Quest for Quality and Reliability – Competitiveness through Performance.

Ulrike Jahn - IEA PVPS Task 13, TUV Rheinland Energie und Umwelt GmbH, Germany

Dr. Wilfried G.J.H.M. van Sark - IEA PVPS Task 13, Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development - Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Dr. Gernot Oreski - IEA PVPS Task 13, Polymer Competence Center Leoben (PCCL) GmbH, Austria

Session 5 – PV Development in Japan – An International and Domestic Perspective

Izumi Kaizuka - IEA PVPS Task 1, RTS Corporation, Japan

Pr. Kazuhiko Ogimoto - IEA PVPS Task 14, Institute of Industrial Science(IIS), Collaborative Research Center for Energy Engineering(CEE), Japan