The use of variable renewables as flexible resources to support grid operation and Power Transmission and Distribution Interaction

The planned rapid growth of both distributed and large-scale wind and solar power generation will require a “smarter” and more powerful transmission and distribution system, with higher customer involvement and the rise of new market players.
A key element in this transition is flexibility, both on the demand side and the generation side. Experiences and approaches concerning the use of variable renewables as flexible resources to support grid operation will be shared and discussed.
With the introduction of new grid operation approaches, the roles of network operators are evolving. This includes a closer interaction between TSOs and DSOs. The workshop will be a great opportunity to learn about the TSO-DSO interaction in other countries and discuss future developments.

Introduction (Mayr)

Introduction to IEA ISGAN and IEA PVPS

Michele de Nigris, ISGAN chair

Roland Bründlinger, Operating Agent IEA PVPS Task 14

Keynote speeches

Michael Hübner, Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology
Helfried Brunner, Austrian Institute of Technology

The use of variable renewables, especially PV, as flexible resources to support grid operation

Requirements and needs from the system operation perspective
Michel Bena, SmartGrids Director RTE

Innovative Reactive Power Management supporting Distribution Grid operation with high PV Penetration, Dr. Thomas Stetz, Fraunhofer IWES,

Increased flexibility through forecasting, Dario Ronzio, RSE

Tesla Powerwall, breakthrough or Marketing Miracle, Bo Normark, Power Circle

TSO-DSO interaction in power systems with high RES penetration

Current practices in different countries, roles and responsibilities
Séamus Power, Eirgrid

Value proposition of improved TSO-DSO communication and interaction, Hubert Lemmens, Elia, GO15 - Sébastien Grenard, EDSO for Smart Grids

Technical and regulatory requirements, Antony Zegers, Austrian Institute of Technology