PV & Utilities @ Asean Power Week 2015

Bangkok, 3 september 2015

Session 1: Welcome and PVPS introduction

- PVPS presentation and technology outlook (Peter Ahm)


Session 2: The PV technology market and trends

- PV Technology and Trends (Arnulf Jaeger-Waldau)

- PV Market and Trends (Gaëtan Masson)


Session 3: PV and Utilities - PVPS global experience and trends 

- Session 3a: PV a a reliable and environmental friendly electricity source: grid integration, PV performance and environmental aspects.

   # PV penetration in grids - issues and trends (Kazuhiko Ogimoto)

   # Large-scale PV & PV and the environment (Keiichi Komoto)

- Session 3b: Business Models for Utilities

   # PV technology cost status and outlook (Gaëtan Masson)

   # PV global utility business models and trends (Pius Hüsser)

   # PV business models in minigrids (Vicente Salas)

 Session 4: PV and utilities - APAC region PV experiences, trends and challenges

- Thailand's RE and PV Plants (DEDE - Karnnalin Theerarattananoon)

- Thailand's utilities view (EGAT - Titiporn Sangpetch)

- China's utilities view (Lv Fang on behalf of EPRI, Zhu Lingzhi)

- Japan's electricity system perspective (RTS - Izumi Kaizuka)

- Oman's utilities view (SMN Power - Gillian Huart)

- Australia's utilities view (CAA - Mike Swanston)

Session 5: Open discussion on PV and utilities in the APAC region - threats, opportunities and challenges - what can the PVPS provide