PV system costs dropped significantly over the last years, making PV electricity competitive in some market segments and some countries. However, will it be sufficient to ensure a stable and steady market development in the coming years? This workshop summarized the state of the PV competitiveness, with a focus on how soft costs could be the next area of progress in PV LCOE reduction. Which are the business models that will exploit these low PV system prices and how will innovative financing help to (re)develop the PV market where the feed-in tariffs have been phased out?

Welcome Speech & the Role of the IEA PVPS Program - Stefan Nowak, Chairman

Session 1 – PV Competitiveness and Soft Costs

This session explored the questions of competitiveness of PV through its main aspects: The declining PV system prices through learning curve analysis, the impact of new PV and storage system, especially in mini grids, the evolution of LCOE in the coming years and its drivers, the soft costs including administrative hurdles, the need for reduced cost of capital, innovative financing in emerging countries and the question of quality and reliability. BIPV was explored as well as an option to further reduce the cost of PV systems and LCOE.

Christian Breyer (LUT) - PV Competitiveness in a Complex Transition

Eva Hauser (IZES) - Storage and Electricity Markets

Eero Vartianen (Fortum) – From the learning Curve to Competitiveness

Christof Bucher (Basler & Hofmann) - Soft Costs in Switzerland

Izumi Kaizuka (RTS Corporation) - Soft Costs and Competitiveness in the Booming Japanese Market

Session 2 – Best Practices of Business Models for Competitive PV in Europe

This session explored how new business models already deployed in Europe and in other regions of the world can unlock the PV market globally at distributed and centralized levels. The question of grid services and the evolution of PV systems with regard to limitation of grid impacts were discussed as well. Finally the relevance of large scale PV with regard to electricity market was discussed.

Stefan Niesler (EWZ) – Utilities Business Models in Switzerland

Uta Hoffmann (Econeers) - Crowdfunding for Solar PV Plants

David de Jaeger (IEA-RETD) - Prosumers in the commercial sector

Daniel Mugnier (IEA-SHC) - PV for Heating and Cooling

David Wedepohl (BSW Solar) - The Emergence of New Business Models in Germany