Deployment strategy for 100% Renewables in small island countries

Many small-island countries, e.g. Cook Islands have ambitious 100% RE targets, while many others have high targets such as 60 to 80%. In most of the countries the objective is to reduce their dependency on imported fossil fuels, in particular diesel, for electricity generation. Targets often being set by politicians, the relevant Government departments and utilities are then “left alone” with the task to identify and address all the technical and non-technical requirements to meet the target. The subtasks:

  • Collect documentary evidence of the technical and non-technical (social, economic and regulatory) issues that have been identified and addressed in small island countries that are working towards 100% RE targets
  • Compile a series of 5 case studies
  • Produce a guideline addressing the following topics: penetration level of different RE technologies, size of systems and the required land areas, energy storage, grid stability and control requirements, ownership of RE systems, Power Purchase Agreements, tariff structure, regulatory requirements, capacity building, community and social issues
  • Provide guidance for other small island countries through this guideline and the information from the case studies