Acceleration of BIPV by international collaboration

BIPV is seen as one of the key development tracks of PV towards mass application. To facilitate this key development, a number of international collaborative initiatives are undertaken. In this interactive seminar, a number of international collaboration projects and major industrial actors will be presented, with the aim to pinpoint the next step in international needs for collaboration.

International collaboration on BIPV

Opening session 1
Adel El Gammal, Becquerel Institute
Overview on international BIPV research activities
Pierluigi Bonomo, SUPSI
IEA PVPS Task 15, Acceleration of BIPV
Michiel Ritzen, Zuyd University
BIPV “Custom Fit”; a Dutch Belgium German research collaboration
Ando Kuypers, Solliance
PVSITES project: Building-integrated photovoltaic technologies and systems for large-scale market deployment
Maider Machado, Tecnalia

Developments in BIPV research projects, mayor industrial actors

Opening session 2 (Zeger Vroon, Zuyd University/Solliance)
BIPV innovative business models (Adel El Gammal, Becquerel Institute)
Market assessment for thin film BIPV (Menno van den Donker, SEAC)
OPV in mass BIPV applications (David Mueller, Merck Group)
A low cost BIPV approach for mass market (Valerick Cassagne, Total)
Panel Discussion: BIPV from Architectural to mass market applications
Closing Speech
Stefan Nowak, IEA-PVPS Chairman, Net Energy

Contact for further information: Zeger.vroon[at]