ENVI-PV: Environmental performance tool for PV systems

ENVI-PV: an interactive Web Client for multi-criteria life cycle assessment of photovoltaic systems worldwide

This tool is a web-based interactive service to assess the current and prospective (2050) environmental performance of the production, transportation and use of photovoltaic systems at screening level.

ENVI-PV is the first tool to propose a worldwide coverage of environmental performance of PV systems using a multi-criteria assessment. The user can compare the PV environmental performance to the environmental footprint of country electricity mixes.

These maps are based on Life Cycle Inventories developed by TREEZE for the photovoltaic sector in the framework of IEA PVPS Task 12, including current and prospective scenarios, as well as for country electricity mixes (Itten et al., 2014).

The quantified environmental performance is expressed as an impact per generated kWh, according to the expected yearly electricity production of the PV systems. The yearly electricity production has been computed applying the NASA SSE algorithm to the freely available NASA SSE solar irradiation database.

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