Task 15: International BIPV Workshop

Monday, 5 February 2018
12:45 - 17:30
Tokyo Tech, Tokyo, Japan,

BIPV has attracted attention from both electric (PV) companies and construction companies since a long time. BAPV has established markets in Japan, EU and US, since the standard size modules are applicable. Nevertheless, BIPV products are basically custom made and need to meet two different requirements as electronic products and as construction products. Meeting these different requirements has been forming a market barrier for a long time. In this workshop, knowledge, experience, current status and outlook on BIPV will be presented by global experts in BIPV, aiming at development of BIPV markets and industries.

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BIPV experience of Kaneka
Akihiko Nakajima, Kaneka

Nihon Sekkei design buildings with BIPV
Atsushi Miyazaki, Nihon sekkei

BIPV application and experience of AGC
Masayuki Hayashi, AGC

BIPV test SHGC, Fire test
Hisashi Ishii, LIXIL

Film for white module
Gregory Bugnon, Solaxess

20 years of Inspiring BIPV architecture
Tjerk Reijenga, BEAR iD

BIPV research and demonstration at SUPSI and Switzerland
Francesco Frontini, SUPSI

Introduction of CSTB BIPV related activities
Simon Boddaert, CSTB

CSEM Challenging activities on BIPV
Laure-Emmanuelle Perret-Aebi, CSEM


Michel Ritzen, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences


Mr Michiel RITZEN - Nieuw Eyckholt 300 - michiel.ritzen[at]zuyd.nl
Mr Zeger VROON - Nieuw Eyckholt 300 - zeger.vroon[at]zuyd.nl