Task 1: IEA-PVPS 4th PV Utility Business Models Workshop

Description: This workshop offers a forum for exchange of experience on how photovoltaics and related energy services can be incorporated in order to offer new business opportunities for utilities.

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Customer Oriented PV Business Models
Dr. Kai Siemer, Vattenfall

Switzerland’s New Energy Law Own Consommation
Dr. Wieland Hintz, Sfoe Renewables

Blockchain and Solar: Two Sides of one Coin?
BSW Solar

Global co-operation towards sustainable deployment of photovoltaic power systems
Hubert Fechner, IEA-PVPS

Suhrsolar, tenant power provided by the DSO
Pius Hüsser, Nova energie

PV and innovation in large companies
Hemma Bieser, Avantsmart

Pilot project for a common PV in more party house
Mag. Stefan Pirchmoser , IKB


Mrs. Mary Josaine Brunisholz - mary.brunisholz[at]netenergy.ch