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Web Resources Links

CADDET Renewable Energy Center
The IEA’s Centre for Analysis and Dissemination of Demonstrated Energy Technologies is an international information network that helps managers, engineers, architects and researchers find out about renewable energy and energy-saving technologies that have worked in other countries.
The ‘InfoStore’ is CADDET’s fully searchable database of demonstration projects, containing detailed information on over 2000 full-scale energy projects from around the world. This site offers a free electronic news service; ‘E-nnouncements’ is a monthly bulletin for the energy and environmental community covering both CADDET (energy efficiency and renewable energy) and GREENTIE (greenhouse gas mitigation technologies). The PV product page features 85 register entries, 18 technical brochures and a wide range of past newsletter articles on PV projects.

Climate Ark
This Climate Change Search Space is dedicated to promoting public policy that addresses global climate change through reductions in carbon dioxide and other emissions, energy conservation, alternative energy sources and ending deforestation. The website is a Climate Change Portal and Internet Search Tool that provides access to reviewed climate change and alternative energy news and information. The Climate Ark is for non-commercial, educational purposes only.

Enews is an International Newsletter on Energy Efficiency Issues in the Developing Countries. ENEWS aims to inform people in the developing countries of on-going projects, to share brief analyses of important energy-related issues, and to disseminate information on potential sources of funding and interesting publications.

GEsource is the geography and environment hub of the Resource Discovery Network (RDN). GEsource provides access to high quality internet resources for students, researchers and practitioners in geography and the environment through five distinct subject gateways: Environment, General Geography, Human Geography, Physical Geography, and Techniques and Approaches.

Global Change
Climate change and ozone depletion newsletter which seeks to familiarize the public with the issues associated with climate change and ozone depletion.

Green Energy News
Green Energy News is a free access information source for news relating to clean, efficient and renewable energy, its applications, technology and relevant issues.

IIEC, International Resources for Energy Efiiciency and Renewable Energy
At this site you find the Sustainable Energy Guide, a handbook intended to help individuals and organizations in developing countries find resources to carry out projects relating to energy efficiency or renewable energy.

WIRE is the International Solar Energy Society's World-wide Information System for Renewable Energy. The site is a global information exchange tool, giving visitors access to a vast, searchable database of RE-related news, opinion, papers, reports and images. The purpose of this service is to facilitate and accelerate the flow of knowledge among renewable energy professionals world-wide.
Visitors can enter as guests to view the available resources, or can register as a contributor, to enable them to upload text and other data for review and subsequent on-line presentation.
The WIRE system has been designed and optimized specifically for use by standard web browsers operating at low bandwidth to ensure maximum user accessibility.

LEF, Liaison Energie Francophonie
La revue Liaison Énergie-Francophonie est le support privilégié de stratégie de diffusion de l'information de Institut de l'énergie et de l'environnement de la Francophonie (IEPF). Cette revue est publiée trimestriellement. La qualité des contributions, les thèmes abordés et la diversité des sujets et des opinions font de cette revue un instrument essentiel pour l'échange d'expertise et d'expériences à l'intérieur de l'espace francophone et aussi à l'extérieur.

This is a very attractive site presenting general information on PV and solar water heating systems, and details of PV system suppliers. It is aimed primarily at potential system purchasers, but will also be of real interest to suppliers worldwide who stand to have their product details posted online. One great feature of MySolar is the '5 step wizard'. This enables the user to input information about their location and system configuration (grid-connected or stand-alone), the proposed orientation of the system, and power requirement, budget or space restrictions. The site then calculates appropriate system sizes and returns a list of potentially suitable suppliers, from which the user can chose to see a more detailed description of the products on offer.
The main downfall of the site at this moment is that, because it is reliant upon suppliers registering their products and services, for customers in many countries the list that is generated is rather limited. Given time though, this could be a very useful PV sales resource.

NCPV hotline
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) maintains an international communications system called the NCPV Hotline. Participants are linked by e-mail and receive important news items related to PV activities around the world. People joining the mailing list should be willing to contribute as well as receive important news items. Items considered for inclusion will include, but not be limited to, important research results, new PV products, measurement techniques and results, codes and standards, company news (new production facilities, products, etc.), government program budgets, and other items of interest. The intent of the NCPV Hotline is not to replace the several excellent PV newsletters and magazines, but rather to offer rapid communication of items of general interest to PV specialists around the world.

Independent website devoted to promote photovoltaic applications and technologies. It was developed as non-commercial helpful information to serve teachers, students and others interested in photovoltaics. The website provides information on photovoltaic technologies, systems, applications etc. 

Internet information service of the Renewable Energy Policy Project.

This site provides access to the excellent RETScreen Renewable Energy Project Analysis Software, which is now being used by more than 25 000 people in 196 countries around the world. The software can be used as an early feasibility tool to evaluate the energy production, life-cycle costs and greenhouse gas emission reductions for various types of renewable energy technologies (RETs) worldwide.
The site now also includes a number of other enabling tools for technical and financial evaluation of RE projects. All RETScreen resources are free of charge.

Solar Industries Journal
Journal of SEIA, Solar Energy Industries Association

University of Idaho, Library
The site features engines to search for books, articles and government documents.