TU Delft, Research Energy

ECN, Netherlands Energy Research Foundation
The Netherlands Energy Research Foundation ECN is the leading institute for energy research in the Netherlands. Research at ECN is carried out under contract from the government and from national and foreign organizations and industries. ECN's activities are concentrated in six priority areas: solar energy, wind energy, biomass, clean fossil, energy efficiency, and policy studies. The site includes a section of the Photovoltaics group, with technical information and publications.

Grid-connected photovoltaic panels in the Netherlands - Zonnestroompanelen in Nederland
This website (both in Dutch and English) offers answers to many questions related to photovoltaic solar energy: Hoe does photovoltaics work? What does it cost? Who benefits and why? Who manufactures PV modules? How can financial support from the government be obtained? Do you need permission before installing a PV module? And more.

Holland Solar
The Dutch branch organization for manufacturers and distributors of solar energy products.

Novem, Netherlands agency for energy and the environment
Novem stimulates sustainable development of society, within the Netherlands as well as abroad, in the field of energy and the environment. Novem manages many national and international governmental programmes. The site includes a section in English.

Polder PV - private website
This privately owned website provides statistical production data of PV systems, photos, analysis of trends. At the site you will also find production data of 1020 Wp Sunpower system with two types of AC modules with OK4 inverters, which are being monitored daily.

University of Amsterdam, Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM)

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