Swedish Energy Agency, SEA
The SEA works for an efficient and sustainable energy usage. They provide information for the public and for bigger companies on how to become more energy efficient. SEA funds research on energy distribution, energy conversion and energy usage.

SolEl is the solar cell subprogramme of Elforsk funded by the Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish industry.The goal of SolEl is to increase the knowledge of solar cells for industry and universities, to develop and install pilot systems for demonstration of the solar cell technology and to provide solar cell system information to interest groups.

Swedish Research Council, SRC
The SRC is a government agency under the Ministry of Education and Research and funds all academic research fields. There is currently (2008) an initiative for grants concerning sustainable development, focusing climate research and energy research from the Scientific Council for Natural and Engineering Sciences, which is a subgroup of SRC.

Mistra is a foundation that supports research on strategic environmental problems. A key point for the foundation is to support the transition from research idea to application.

Solar Region Skåne
Solar Region Skåne is an association that works on raising the awareness of solar energy through exhibitions, theme days, seminars, study visits etc. Skåne is currently the region with the biggest amount of installed solar energy in Sweden. The association would like the region to be an example of how solar energy can be implemented. The association also supports company, public and private installations in the area with help and information.

Solar Energy Association of Sweden, SEAS
The 50 members of the association include companies and research institutes that works with solar energy. SEAS arrange seminars, meetings and develop information material for companies, decision makers and the public.


Chalmers University of Technology
Energy and Environment is a department at Chalmers that does research on renewable energy conversion and sustainable development of the environment.

Lund University
Energiportalen is the hub for the collected research on renewable energies and a sustainable environment at Lund University. The division of Energy and Building Design does research on buildings with low energy consumption and a part of that research is integration of solar cells into buildings.

Uppsala University
One of the two solar cell research groups at Uppsala University focuses on improving the performance of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin film solar cells, the other focuses on improving the performance of dye sensitized nanostructured solar cells. There is also a group that carries out research on coatings of solar collectors and smart windows. The Division for Electricity, conducts research on wind, water and wave power.

Royal Institute of technology, RIT
The Electric Power Systems group at RIT does research on power management of both the local power plants and the electrical grid. Research projects include the balancing of hydro and wind power on the grid, the distribution limits for a wind farm and the variations on the electrical market because of the stochastic renewable power plants such as wind and solar.