How to Find Documents in the Archive

The documents are labeled with different criteria. To open the criteria-tree, click on the category title. to set a criteria, click on the small box.

The Criteria Categories:

Type of Publication

  • Newsletter
  • Reports
    • Annual Report (AR)
    • National Report (National Survey Report)
    • Statistic Report (Trends Report)
    • Technical Report (Task Report)
  • Presentation
  • Paper


  • Workshop
  • Conference
  • Contest


Country (Member Countries)

Task (all Tasks)

Find a Task Report

Click on the selected Task (ex. Task 2). If you wish to narrow down the search, click on the year of publication. Or, set the rows per page at the end of the results, on number of results (ex. "22")

Find a National Survey Report from a Specific Contry

Click on the country (ex. Republic of Korea), and on the Type of Publication: National Report.

Find a Workshop Presentation

Select the type of Publication: Presentation, then the country and or the year of the workshop (ex. for Valencia, click Spain and 2010)