Task 9

Deploying PV services for regional development

PV technology and its viable applications offer options to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and now stretch far beyond services to remote communities. With rising fossil fuel prices and declining prices of PV cells and modules, PV applications are competitive in a rising number of situations: many initiatives in emerging regions are paving the way for broad PV deployment in non-OECD countries.

1999 to 2009: Rural Electrification and MDGs :

Over a decade Task 9 dedicated its activities to the development of PV services for developing Countries compiling the experience of international experts and capitalizing on events and workshops worldwide.

A set of Recommended Practice Guides were produced covering :

  • Large scale program design and Institutional Framework
  • Sources of financing and business model for SHS
  • Quality Management and capacity building
  • A series of case studies were also compiled and all the lessons learnt summarized in “10 years of Task 9”

2010-2013: PV Services for developing regions

Keeping abreast with technology change and responding to demand from various organization, governments, banks, and development agencies, the scope of T9 is now broadened to include

1. PV for rural communities needs

  • PV for water pumping as a sustainable solution for drinking water supply
  • PV and health centers (vaccines refrigeration, lighting, …),
  • Pico PV services: (highly efficient integrated appliances for lighting and ICT needs)

2. PV for minigrids and hybrids systems
3. Integration of PV in the urban environment,
4. Large scale PV
5. Innovative business models for PV deployment

How we work

Tasks 9 seeks to establish partnerships based on the demand for support in deployment of PV solutions coming from regional organizations, national organizations, funding agencies, development banks…
Sharing of PVPS’ knowledge will consist of participation in conferences, the organization of workshops, awareness and training seminars trying to involve the IEA industrial actors.