TASK — 15

Analysis of the Technological Innovation System for BIPV in Italy

Italian BIPV experienced a strong innovation period with the past FiT Law (around 2.5 GW of BIPV capacity installed), followed by a decrease and then a recovery from 2017.

TIS analysis shows a niche BIPV market today with significant potential from the past FiT Law and for the new challenges of the Italian National Energy and Climate Plan, with some difficulties to overcome such as costs, performance, lack of BIPV associations, and permitting in historical cities.

The report highlights key recommendations to foster the growth of BIPV in Italy:

  • Integrate BIPV into regulation
  • Support certifications and patents costs
  • Involve finance in the business
  • Provide specific BIPV training for public administrations
  • Address the balance between BIPV standardization and integration in local architecture