15Enabling Framework for the Development of BIPV

Task Managers

Francesco FRONTINI
Jose M Vega De Seoane

The overall objective of Task 15 is to create an enabling framework to accelerate the penetration and deployment of BIPV products in the global market of renewable energies and in the construction sector, resulting in an equal playing field for BIPV products, BAPV products and regular building envelope components; respecting mandatory, aesthetic, reliability and financial issues.


As BIPV is related both to electric technology and construction technology, the approach followed in this Task is based on a value added approach in which BIPV is not only related to PV (covering energy, environmental, and PR aspects) but as well to the building as a whole and to the building industry (covering aesthetics, building energy performance, and multi-functionality of the building envelope). The scope of this Task covers both new and existing buildings, different PV technologies, different applications, as well as scale difference from 1-family dwellings to large-scale BIPV application in offices and utility buildings.

The currently running, third phase of Task 15 started at the beginning of 2024 and runs until 2027 with the following subtasks:

Task 15 Reports