AGAgrivoltaics Action Group

Task Managers


The Agrivoltaics Action Group will focus on a collaborative effort to explore the synergies between agriculture and solar energy generation. Through international cooperation and interdisciplinary engagement, the group aims to enhance the potential of agrivoltaics by optimizing land use, improving agricultural resilience to climate change, and encouraging broad-based support for solar energy initiatives.

Objectives and Outcome

The main objectives of the Action Group are to assess the status of agrivoltaics knowledge and foster a better understanding of current trends through international and interdisciplinary collaboration. The group aims to create essential knowledge to maximize the combined use of land for agriculture and PV power generation, focusing on:

  • More efficient land use,
  • Increasing resilience of the agriculture sector against climate change,
  • Building better social consensus for solar energy development.

Primary Outcome:

A key deliverable will be the publication of a public report, “Status quo and global trends in agrivoltaics,” scheduled for release in 2025. This comprehensive report will not only detail the current state and trends within the sector but also include internal recommendations for future initiatives, synthesizing work across various IEA PVPS Tasks.

Secondary Outcome:

The Action Group will also focus on standardizing agrivoltaic definitions and metrics, fostering consensus and supporting the growth of the IEA PVPS agrivoltaics community. This effort will help harmonize and streamline agrivoltaics research and applications across international boundaries.


The Action Group will focus on synthesizing existing research, harmonizing and coordinating ongoing research across IEA PVPS Tasks, and identifying and standardizing agrivoltaic definitions and metrics. It will also identify research and implementation gaps to inform future IEA PVPS actions on agrivoltaics.

Key activities will include conducting scientific literature reviews, organizing virtual and hybrid workshops with subject matter experts, and developing comprehensive summary reports. These efforts are designed to integrate insights and foster a cohesive understanding of agrivoltaics.

This group will ensure diverse representation across IEA PVPS Tasks, IEA member countries, and subject matter expertise to maintain a global and interdisciplinary perspective on agrivoltaics.


The Action Group will focus on consolidating knowledge and enhancing collaboration in agrivoltaics, a multi-disciplinary field. Key tasks involved will include Task 12 on PV Sustainability, Task 13 on Photovoltaic System Reliability, and Task 16 on Solar Resource Management. Tasks 12 and 13 will release agrivoltaics reports in 2024. The group will coordinate various initiatives through reviews, virtual meetings, and workshops to promote community engagement and standardize methods, setting the stage for future research and global collaborations.

The Action Group will last for a period of two years, from April 2024 to April 2026, and is divided into three phases of activity

1Phase 1 - Action Group Formation (Apr 2024-Jun 2024)

Key activities and outcomes in Phase 1 include:

  • Expert identification and commitments,
  • Board formation, clarification and definition of roles and responsibilities, and a finalization of the workplan and timeline.

2Phase 2 - Stakeholder Workshops (Jun 2024-Apr 2025)

Key activities and outcomes in Phase 2 include:

  • Workshop host identification,
  • Establishing workshop schedule,
  • Conducting workshops
  • Summary reports.

3Phase 3 - Synthesis Report (Apr 2025-Dec 2025)

Key activities and outcomes of Phase 3 include the development of two synthesis reports:

  • One public document on the status quo and global trends of agrivoltaics
  • One internal IEA.