Membership : How to join

Benefits of participation

IEA PVPS TCP membership multiplies the work of national efforts through joint research and development projects as well as information exchange on relevant technical and non-technical issues regarding the large scale global deployment of photovoltaics.

The IEA PVPS TCP mission is “… to enhance the international collaborative efforts which facilitate the role of photovoltaic solar energy as a cornerstone in the transition to sustainable energy systems.”

Cooperative research and information sharing also accelerate the pace of technology development, promote standardization through recommended practices, and save time and money in national research programmes.


The IEA PVPS TCP is a membership-based organization. The TCP accommodates collaboration among different entities, such as government institutions, universities, research institutes, utilities, and private companies.

Membership is open to any country or association active in solar photovoltaic energy, willing to share their experience and information and to contribute to the IEA PVPS goals. Prospective members are encouraged to join by following these procedures:

How to join

1First Contacts

Contact the Chair of the IEA PVPS TCP to explore benefits of working together and to discuss possible participation in the activities of the IEA PVPS TCP. (see contact info below)

2Agreements - Formal invitation & IEA

Agree the terms and conditions of participation with the IEA PVPS TCP.

Receive a formal letter of invitation from the Executive Committee (ExCo) of the IEA PVPS TCP
to become a participant as either a Contracting Party or a Sponsor.

Send the required letters of designation and/or acceptance to the IEA Executive Director, as set out
in the letter of invitation from the IEA PVPS TCP.

3Final signature

Sign the legal text (Implementing Agreement) of the IEA PVPS TCP.

Participation begins!

Key contacts

Emily Mitchell

Executive Secretary

Tel. +49 5975 9558 722

Daniel Mugnier


Tel. +33 (0)6 67 52 41 06