1Strategic PV Analysis & Outreach

Task Managers

Gaëtan MASSON (BE)
Izumi Kaizuka (JP)

The objective of Task 1 was revised and enhanced in 2013 to better reflect its current role. Task 1 shares a double role of expertise and outreach, which is reflecting in its new name. It aims at promoting and facilitating the exchange and dissemination of information on the technical, economic, environmental and social aspects of PV power systems.


  • Task 1 serves as the think tank of the PVPS programme, by identifying and clarifying the evolutions of the PV market, identifying issues and advance knowledge.
  • Task 1 researches market and industry development, analyses support and R&D policies.


  • Task 1 compiles the agreed PV information in the PVPS countries and more broadly, disseminates PVPS information and analyses to the target audiences and stakeholders.

Task 1 activities began in 1993 and are organized as follows

1Subtask 1 : Market, policies and industrial data and analysis

Task 1 aims at following the evolution of the PV development, analyzing its drivers and supporting policies. It aims at advising the PVPS stakeholders about the most important developments in the program countries and broadly. It focuses on facts, accurate numbers and verifiable information in order to give the best possible image of the diversity of PV support schemes in regulatory environment around the globe.

2Subtask 2 : Think Tank activities

Task 1 aims at serving as the Think Tank of the PVPS programme, providing the Executive Committee and dedicated tasks with ideas and suggestions on how to improve the research content of the PVPS programme. In that respect, Task 1 has identified in 2013 at least four fields of possible improvement for PVPS activities. In order to build on the strategy meeting in Stockholm, Task 1 led in September 2012 a first session dedicated to the improvement of communication in general. The meeting in Vienna in February 2013 was partially used to conduct a strategy exercise, focusing on Task 1’s actions in the future. Task 1 has decided to go forward with regulars updates of what could contribute to the future PVPS strategy. In that respect, Task 1 will provide inputs for possibly enhancing the content of other PVPS tasks.

3Subtask 3 : Communication activities

Task 1 aims at communicating about the main findings of the PVPS programme through the most adequate communication channels. In that respect, five main type of communication actions are conducted throughout the year.

4Subtask 4 : Cooperation activities

In order to gather adequate information and to disseminate the results of research within Task 1, cooperation with external stakeholders remains a cornerstone of the PVPS programme.

This cooperation takes places with:

  • Other Implement Agreement of the IEA (SHC, RETD…)
  • Stakeholders outside the IEA network: IRENA, REN21…

Task 1 Reports