Webinar Photovoltaic Market and Industry Trends 2019

04 December 2019 - 12:15 CET

Description : 

This webinar will address the key drivers of the PV market and industry in the coming years based on the Trends 2019. Gaëtan Masson, Operating Agent of IEA PVPS Task 1, will look at the past developments and future scenarios, from a global market development point of view to some key price evolution features. From social aspects of PV, collective and decentralised self-consumption policies to floating PV, this webinar will browse the global landscape of PV development. Izumi Kaizuka, deputy chair of the IEA PVPS Task 1, will present the trends of the PV Industry. The production of polysilicon, ingots, wafers, PV cells and modules have been growing with the growth of the PV market. The gap between manufacturing capacity of PV module and the demand contributed to the recent price reduction thus resulted in lower LCOE of PV power. Across the value chain, the PV upstream sector makes efforts to improve efficiency, output and reliability. Further progress of cost reduction is expected. In the downstream sector, players are also applying various methods to reduce LCOE.

Speakers : 

  • Gaëtan Masson (Becquerel Institute)
  • Izumi Kaizuka (RTS)

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