WCPEC-8 Side Event: Off-Grid Technology for Robust and Resilient Networks (IEA PVPS Task 18)

27 September 2022 - 17:00 - 18:30
WCPEC-8, Milan

Off-grid and Edge-of-Grid technologies are being employed in developing markets and mature markets alike. With the falling price of solar and storage these technologies are vital in the journey to electrification and to the creation of robust, distributed, secure and resilient energy networks. IEA PVPS Task 18 has produced a blueprint for conducting feasibility studies for hybrid off-grid power systems. This blueprint looks at the organisational, financial and technical stakeholder requirements as they relate to data gathering, modelling and analysis and assessment and recommendations. Task 18 will also present recommendations for PV-Hybrid system data visualisations, looking at data aggregation, data display options and recommendations for optimum visualization of metrics for operation and maintenance purposes.