Webinar : Solar Resource – Products for the end-users

18 June 2020 - 04:00 PM CET

Description :

Get a comprehensive, up-to-date overview from which sources solar data sets are generated over what procedures are applied in the background to what use can be made of these datasets:

This workshop addresses all users of solar resource data in the solar energy community: Project Developers, financers, plant design engineers, researchers and others. In the first session of the workshop, expert panelists from the field of solar resource data will provide a broad overview of the data sources from which solar resource datasets are generated, the challenges and methods of assembling final data products for different end-users, possible applications of resource datasets and advice on how to make best use of such products. In the discussion following the presentations, participants are encouraged to participate actively and ask questions to our panelists.

Hour : 04:00 PM CET

Program & speakers: 

  • Introduction to IEA PVPS Task 16 – Jan Remund, Operating Agent PVPS Task 16 (METEOTEST)
  • Introduction to SOLREV – Birk Kraas (CSP Services)
  • Data Sources  – Manuel Silva (University of Seville) and Carlos F. Peruchena (CENER)
  • Generation of products for end-users – Philippe Blanc (MINES ParisTech)
  • Applications for solar resource products – Robert Höller (University of Applied Science Upper Austria)
  • Discussion on the products for end-users  – moderated by CSP Services

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Registration :

  • The workshop is free of charge and the registration is not binding. You will receive a confirmation email after the registration.