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Active Power Management of Photovoltaic Systems – State of the Art and Technical Solutions

This report discusses different methods of PV power curtailment and their application in electric installations and power grids. It also presents the varying solutions used in different countries along with the applicable standards.

The main authors have identified the following 3 Key Takeaways from the report:

1.  Active power management of photovoltaic systems (e.g. curtailment) is a powerful grid integration measure. The energy loss due to curtailment is typically little compared to the increase of the PV hosting capacity.

2. Curtailment can be implemented in various ways, with today’s PV systems accommodating many of these methods. The choice of method should align with the specific application for optimal results.

3. The value of electrical energy is zero when it is not needed and cannot be stored. Therefore, curtailed energy usually has a low market value.