5th Edition - 2017

Preliminary market numbers show that the PV market grew significantly in 2016. In total, about 75 GW of PV capacity were installed in the IEA PVPS countries and in other major markets during 2016. The total installed capacity in the IEA PVPS countries and key markets has risen to at least 303 GW. Solar PV technology continued to expand in 2016 thanks to the rapid development in China, America and India.

This report aims at providing a preliminary snapshot of the global PV market evolution during the last year

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Report Scope and Ob­jective

The “Snapshot of Global Photovoltaic Markets” aims at providing preliminary information about how the PV market developed in the last year.

IEA-PVPS collects information from official governmental bodies and reliable industry sources. Information about countries outside the IEA-PVPS network is collected through the industry network, industrial associations, IRENA and REN21. The information is condensed in this snapshot report in order to provide the best preliminary overview of global PV market development.