IEA PVPS Task 15 Workshop at the 35th EU PVSEC

Tuesday, 25 September 2018
12:45 - 17:30
Brussels, Belgium

BIPV is seen as one of the key development tracks of PV towards mass application. As BIPV is still seen as an innovation in the construction industry, the large scale adoption still needs to be improved. Adoption in the construction industry depends on 4 elements; product characteristics, adopter characteristics, industry characteristics and the influence on the environment. In this workshop, the different elements for a successful adoption will be covered from different perspectives to generate insight how to successfully create an enabling framework for BIPV acceleration.

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Opening session 1

Michiel Ritzen, IEA PVPS T15 Operating Agent, senior researcher Zuyd University, the Netherlands



Mapping the potential of BIPV in Europe
Wilfried van Sark, Utrecht University, the Netherlands

Influence of the environment –governmental steering to create a BIPV ecosystem in France
Simon Boddaert, CSTB, France

Industry characteristics - creating a national BIPV ecosystem in the Netherlands with BIPV producers and installers
Artur de Vries, BIPV Nederland, the Netherlands

Opening session 2
Zeger Vroon, Zuyd University/TNO BMC, the Netherlands

Products characteristics – improving relative advantages and increasing economic feasibility in the PVopMaat project
Ando Kuijpers, Solliance, the Netherlands

Innovative BIPV solutions
Stefan Dewallef, Soltech, Belgium

Succesful BIPV development by a BIPV producer
Jörg Palm, Avancis, Germany


Mr Michiel RITZEN - Nieuw Eyckholt 300 - michiel.ritzen[at]