Task 6

Design and operation of modular photovoltaic plants for large scale power generation

Task 6 officially completed its activities in May 1998. The main objective of this Task was to further develop large-scale modular photovoltaic plants for peaking and long-term baseload power generation in connection with the medium-voltage grid. The Task 6 work was performed by structural engineers and PV industry experts. Its deliverables were associated in four categories:

Review of design and construction epxeriences of large-scale PV plants

Review of operational experiences in large-scale PV plants

The outcomes of these two subtasks were summarized in an internal publication conctaining the organized information collected through questionnaires; the final data elaboration was reported in a document entitled A guidebook for practical design or large scale power genration plant.

Development of improved system design and operational strategies for large-scale PV plants

The reports produced under this subtask were used as an input for the workshop Design and Operation of Large-Scale PV plants. Experience and Perspectives, that was held in Madrid, December 1997 and concluded the task activities.

Outlook of perspectives of large scale PV plants

Two publications represent the outcomes of this subtask: the book Review of Medium to Large Scale Modular PV plants Worldwide, published in November 1997, and the Proceedings of the Workshop published in May 1998.


For publications and information, please contact the former Operating Agent of Task 6.