TASK — 14

PV as an ancillary service provider

The PV penetration in many countries is continuously growing and PV is becoming a major energy source in the future electricity grid worldwide. Therefore, PV systems and PV hybrids need to take over more and more system responsibility by providing ancillary services. Ancillary service “means a service necessary for the operation of a transmission or distribution system [1], such as frequency control, inertia, operating reserve, voltage or reactive power control, and black-start capability. These services can be provided by grid users, such as conventional power plants, renewable energy sources (RES), storage units, or flexible loads, to support or ensure a secure and reliable power system operation. The specifications, types, needs, and procurement procedures of these ancillary services can vary in different power systems and are changing with the progress of the energy transition in many countries.

This report highlights the status and the potential of PV and PV hybrids as an ancillary service provider. The focus is set on mainly good practice examples from different IEA PVPS countries. In addition, improvement and further development potential and needs for the application of PV as an ancillary service provider are also addressed and discussed.