TASK — 14

How an energy supply system with a high PV share handled a solar eclipse

Recent higher penetration of variable renewable generation such as photovoltaic and wind generation has been causing various technical and financial impacts on many power systems. Many countries and area system operators are making many various efforts of generation, transmission, distribution, demands, system operation and a power market. In PVPS Task 14 “High Penetration of PV Systems in Electricity Grids”, through international collaboration, we are surveying and disseminating the methodologies for photovoltaic generation penetration including the aspects of integration of the transmission level.

However, some extreme weather conditions have a possibility to place a critical impacts on power system operation. The solar eclipse in March 2015 in Europe might the first occasion of the critical impact by Photovoltaic generation.
In order to realize the sustainable integration of variable renewable generation, as discussed broadly, we need to integrate more flexible resources and to continuously enhance the skill of the power system operation including the optimized utilization of the flexible resources through the practices of power system operation.

This report gives overview of the German power system operation from a preparation stage to a real-time operation as a successful practice of the solar eclipse. The results show the manageability of a power system operation in a solar eclipse under the current situation, and the accumulated efforts made by the related organizations and people will form the foundation of an enhanced power system operation for the further integration of the variable renewable energy.