Intersolar Europe : IEA PVPS Workshops

05 › 06 October 2021
Munich, Germany

IEA PVPS willl be present during Intersolar Europe 2021 in different workshops

Session 1: Performance of New PV System Designs

Performance indicators for complex PV new systems have to consider their multiple-usage benefits. These PV systems are built to produce energy on the one hand and on the other hand to provide additional yield or benefits, economically or for instance regarding social acceptance of PV system installations. Thus, performance indicators besides energy yield related figures are relevant for rating a certain PV installation. The workshop attempts to provide a collection of new performance characterization methods for new PV system designs as a reference. New methods are described and explained by laboratory tests up to case studies. The presentations in session 1 will cover the outcomes of the work carried out by IEA PVPS Task 13 experts to provide well-founded and comparable key figures in order to enable new PV system designs to move faster into new fields of PV applications.


Ulrike Jahn

Using a Dynamic System Model to Characterize a Complex PV System
Marc Köntges

Performance Assessment of MLPE Equipped PV modules & Performance rating of shaded PV systems
Cyril Allenspach, Dan Riley

Performance and Reliability of Floating PV Technology
Boris Farnung

Performance Indices for Double Use Installations of Foldable PV Generators
Franz Baumgartner

Session 2: Data Driven Mitigation Measures in Advanced PV Plant Monitoring

In future, big data analysis using advanced AI techniques based on the monitoring of a large amount of data will enable the development of extensive benchmarking of key performance indicators (KPIs) for the solar PV industry. This will help PV developers to derive the real-life impact on the system losses and reliability of design choices and configuration during design phase, while O&M operators could optimize their maintenance routines during the operational phase. The presentations in session 2 will cover the outcomes of the work carried out by IEA PVPS Task 13 experts to provide best practice on how to gain insights from monitored data and extreme diversity of asset types and operational context within a PV plant.


Ulrike Jahn

Role of Digitalization in Operation and Maintenance of PV Plants
David Moser

Data Driven Mitigation Measures inAdvanced PV Plant Monitoring
Paolo Graniero

Strategies for Early Fault Detection and Diagnostics
Julien Deckx

International Collaboration Framework for the Calculation of Performance Loss Rates: Data Quality, Benchmarks and Trends
Sascha Lindig

PV O&M Optimization by AI Practice
Maoyi Chang