10Urban-scale grid-connected PV applications

Task Managers

Christy HERIG


The objective of IEA PVPS Task 10 was to enhance the opportunities for wide-scale, solution-oriented application of photovoltaic power electricity production in the urban environment as part of an integrated approach that maximizes building energy efficiency and solar thermal and photovoltaic usage. Value analysis, policy incentives, analysis tools as well as system design and integration that have proven successful in the IEA PVPS participating countries were developed to the extent possible into a uniform international set of tools for the global market.


The objective mentioned above was accomplished through:

  • Make connections between the building design and development industry
  • Derive recommendations for stakeholders to remove barriers to mass market uptake of photovoltaics
  • Developing system components, design and applications with the largest global market penetration potential, including aesthetic values as well as the mechanical and energy related values
  • Expand successful tools (models, roadmaps, guides, system integration, etc.) and analysis relevant to the needs of the emerging global markets
  • Identify gaps in currently available information and developing products to fill those gaps
  • Develop materials and holding events targeted at meeting the needs of specific groups of stakeholders
  • Provide continuous communication, promotion and education throughout the period of the collaborative project

The Task’s long-term goal is for urban-scale PV photovoltaic to be a desirable and common place feature of the urban environment in IEA PVPS member countries.

Task 10 activities were organized as follows

1Subtask 1 : Potential

SubTask 1 sought to define the global solar market potential through economic and other market drivers.

2Subtask 2 : Guidance & tools for PV on buildings

SubTask 2 focuses on the development of guidance to integrate photovoltaic into standard building design models, tools, practices and community energy infrastructure planning

3Subtask 3 : BIPV Challenges & Best Practices

SubTask 3 concentrates on technical and infrastructure challenges related to building integrated photovoltaic and demonstrates best practices to overcome barriers

4Subtask 4 : Dissemination

SubTask 4 carries out the development and the dissemination of information targeting a variety of stakeholders, including market research

Task 10 Reports