PV for Transport: a logical evolution

The decrease of PV system prices is now becoming so visible that it starts to influence decisions in the energy sector. With the cost of PV electricity going below 0,02 USD/kWh in extremely sunny locations, PV will become in the coming years the cheapest energy (and not only electricity) source of electricity for new plants. This already starts to influence energy consumption sectors such as the building and transport sector. The shift towards electricity for heating and transport materializes already the need for cleaner energy but it hasn’t yet incorporated the PV-effect. With cheap PV electricity available at mid-day (or later thanks to cheaper-than-ever storage), the pressure to use that available energy will grow in the coming years. It can be expected that the shift to electricity will be at least accelerated and most probably significantly driven by the progresses in PV deployment. Read more...

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Publication of the National Survey Reports

National Survey Reports (NSR) are coming in this year again. They represent the best comprehensive summary of PV policies, market development and industry data in key PV countries which are participating to the IEA PVPS program. They represent a source of reliable information for researchers, policymakers, energy experts or anyone interested in PV development. For more than 20 years, they have been highlighting the constant change of policies and expectations from PV. Now, with a PV market above the 75 GW mark a year, the NSRs highlight the evolution towards becoming a mainstream energy source, and the constraints attached. Find all recent and older NSRs here.

Calendar of Activities & Events

IEA-PVPS Task 1: PV Market & Industry Developments
20 March 2018 - Webinar
4th ISES 2018
10-11 April 2018 - Sarawak, Malaysia
WCPEC-7 2018
10-15 June 2018 - Hawaii, USA


IEA-PVPS Task 1 4th PV Utility Business Models Workshop
19 June 2018 - Munich, Germany
IEA-PVPS Task 13 Interim Meeting
19 June 2018 - Munich, Germany
Intersolar Europe 2018 - Exhibition
20-22 June 2018 - Munich, Germany

Latest Publications

NEW - Water Footprint of European Rooftop Photovoltaic Electricity based on Re-gionalised Life Cycle Inventories by Task 12

The water use of photovoltaic (PV) electricity has been investigated in very few studies so far, which may be due to the low water demand of PV systems during operation. In this study, the water consumption and water withdrawal of electricity generated by PV systems were assessed by considering all life cycle stages and by taking account of country-level regional differences in water availability.

The publication is available here.

NEW - Life Cycle Assessment of Current Photovoltaic Module Recycling by Task 12

The objective of this study is to compile life cycle inventories of the recycling of c-Si and CdTe PV modules. Different life cycle inventories are established following the cut-off approach and the end-of-life approach. The environmental impacts of the PV module recycling process are analysed based on six indicators and the main contributors to the recycling efforts are identified.

The publication is available here.

NEW - TRENDS in Photovoltaic Applications 2017 - 22nd Edition by Task 1

The new 2017 Edition of the IEA PVPS report Trends in Photovoltaic Applications is now available. This edition browses 22 years of PV installations in the IEA PVPS member countries and many others. Policies to support PV deployment, industry development and the integration of PV in the power sector are analyzed in depth in this report. Visit the Trends page and find the 22 editions of the report.

The publication is available here.

NEW - Life Cycle Inventory of Current Photovoltaic Module Recycling Processes in Europe by Task 12

This report describes results of a survey-based study focused on crystalline-silicon (c-Si) PV module recycling technologies that currently are operated at the commercial or demonstration scale. This study fills a gap in publicly available data regarding the LCI of c-Si module recycling, which can then be used to evaluate full life cycle impacts of PV technologies using internationally accepted life cycle assessment (LCA) methods.

The publication is available  here.

NEW - Trends in PV Module Recycling Technologies by Task 12

In this report, an overview of trends in the development of PV module recycling technologies is given from the perspectives of patents and national R&D projects, and expected upcoming issues related to PV module recycling technologies are addressed.


The publication is available here.

NEW - BIPV Research Teams & BIPV R&D Facilities. An International Mapping by Task 15

This report presents the latest state of the art on BIPV testing facilities, providing relevant input for BIPV developers on site selection for their BIPV product development and testing, and increases the collaboration and international agreement on BIPV testing procedures.


The publication is available here.