Publication of "Snapshot of Global PV Markets"

The PV market grew in 2016 from around 50 GW to more than 75 GW, a growth unseen for years and mostly driven by China, the USA and India. The 5th edition of the “Snapshot of Global PV Markets” highlights the key features of PV development in IEA PVPS countries and globally, based on sound data sources and expertise from the IEA PVPS network. The key aspects of PV development in 2016 were linked to the unbalanced global growth of the PV markets...

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Official launch of the new IEA-PVPS website

PV develops and information evolves. For more than 20 years, IEA PVPS provides sound, reliable and professional information about key topics related to PV development. Based on state of the art research, more than 100 experts from 25 countries in all fields as well as the support from the International Energy Agency, IEA PVPS publishes technical and economic reports, organizes conferences and workshops on all continents...

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Calendar Of Activities & Events

Task 15 Expert Meeting & Workshop on BIPV
4-7 September 2017 - Uppsala, Sweden
Task 1 New and Emerging PV applications
25 September 2017 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Task 13 Workshop at EU-PVSEC
26 September 2017 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Task 15 Conference Session on BIPV
26 September 2017 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Task 13 Expert Meeting  
12-13 October 2017 - Cologne, Germany
Task 15 BIPV Conference Session
October 2017 - Bern, Switzerland

Latest publications

NEW - Improving Efficiency of PV Systems using Statistical Performance Monitoring by Task 13

This report focusses on new methods for closely monitoring PV systems by using the existing data produced by the system for statistical analysis. This will enable system owners and maintenance personnel to quickly ascertain a fault condition, even before the fault occurs with some methods, thereby increasing PV system availability.


The publication is available here.

NEW - Technical Assumptions Used in PV Financial Models by Task 13

PV financial models are used by project developers, banks and asset managers to evaluate the profitability of a PV project. The objective of this work is to present an overview of current practices for financial modelling of PV investments and to review them in view of technical and financial risks during the different phases of a PV project.

The report can be downloaded here.

NEW - Annual Report 2016

The IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme IEA PVPS is pleased to present its 2016 annual report.

This document summarizes the actions of member countries and the activities in all research programs (tasks).

The report can be downloaded here.

NEW - Assessment of Photovoltaic Modules Failures in the Field by Task 13

In this report we present the current status and predictive ability for the power loss of PV mod-ules for specific failure modes. The team describes PV module material interactions and incom-patibilities among encapsulation materials and lamination processes so as to better understand PV module failures mechanism.

The publication is available here.

NEW - Snapshot of Global PV Markets 2017 by Task 1

IEA PVPS has distinguished itself throughout the years by producing unbiased reports on the development of PV all over the world, based on information from official government bodies and reliable industry sources. This fifth edition of the Snapshot of Global PV Markets aims at providing preliminary information on how the PV markets developed in the last year. The 22nd edition of the PVPS complete "Trends in PV Applications" report will be published after Q3 2017.

Visit the Snapshot page to discover more.

NEW - Do It Locally: Local Voltage Support by Distributed Generation by Task 14

This report presents an overview of research results and field experiences on the subject of local voltage support by distributed generators (DGs). The focus of this report is the German power supply system, which has experienced a significant photovoltaic (PV) expansion of approximately 36 GW within the last decade. Case study results from different countries like Belgium, Austria and the United States complement the findings on local voltage support by PV systems.

The publication is available here.