23rd “Trends in Photovoltaic Applications” Report

IEA PVPS Task 1 published its 23rd “Trends in Photovoltaic Applications” report on December 3rd 2018. This unique report provides official and accurate data about the photovoltaic (PV) market, industry, support policies, research activities and the integration of PV into the power sector in the 27 countries reporting to the IEA PVPS Programme, plus a reliable estimate of the other most important PV markets. In a market where the main market driver remains the Feed-in Tariffs, Asia has taken the lead of PV development.

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National Survey Reports of PV Power Applications 2017

The National Survey Reports (NSR) for the year 2017 from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Republic Of Korea, Sweden, Switzerland and United States are now available for viewing and downloading. As an important deliverable of Task 1, the NSRs provide an in-depth summary of PV policies, market development and industry data in key PV countries. They represent a source of reliable information for researchers, policymakers, energy experts or anyone interested in PV development.

The participating countries and organisations can be found here.

The National Survey Reports for the year 2017 are available here.  

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Calendar of Activities & Events

Task 13 | Workshop: Maximize Performance & Reliability of PV Power Plants
14th May 2019 - Munich, Germany | Intersolar Europe | Program
Task 13 | Best Practice Solutions for Operation & Maintenance of PV Power Plants
14th May 2019 - Munich, Germany | Intersolar Europe | Program
Task 15 | Applications, Advances and Business Models of BIPV
14th May 2019 - Munich, Germany | Program
Task 15 | Experts Meeting
5th - 6th June 2019 - Montréal, Canada
Task 15 | Task Phase 2 Definition Workshop
7th June 2019 - Montréal, Canada
Webinar | The IEA's Efficient World Scenerio
21st June 2019 - @15:00 CET
Task 16 | Workshop: Best practices for quality control procedures and gap fillip methods
25h June 2019 - Lyngby, Copenhagen, Denmark
Task 16 | SWC: Solar World Congress: Workshop on benchmarking of site adaptation methods
4th - 7th November 2019 - Santiago de Chile, Chile



NEW | Net metering and PV self-consumption in emerging countries by Task 9

This IEA PVPS Task 9 paper is a comparative study in a number of African (Cape Verde, Burkina Faso, Benin, South‐Africa, Kenya, Ghana) as well as Asian countries (India and Philippines) to review and analyse their respective PV self‐consumption policies.

The Report in English can be downloaded here.

The Report in French can be downloaded here. 

BIPV research teams & BIPV R&D facilities An international mapping, second version by Task 15

The scope of the report is to map the research and development teams and test facilities active in BIPV. It focuses on 17 country members of IEA PVPS Task 15 and thus, this report does not provide an exhaustive list of all research teams and facilities around the globe.

The report can be downloaded here.

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Compilation and Analysis of User Needs for BIPV and its Functions byTask 15

This report focuses on the needs for BIPV and the multiple functions that BIPV provides from the perspective of the users. The “users” may be the building owner, the building occupants or the professionals involved in planning and constructing the building, such as the architects, engineers, consultants and contractors. Other remote “users” could also be the building supervisor, the city authorities (or other involved administrations), the investors and banking institutes financing the project, and insurance companies. Some of the needs may be identical for all of these users; others may be specific to a single user.

The report can be downloaded here.

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International R&D Project Collection – Advanced Cooperation between Distribution and Transmission Network Operation by Task 14

This report is a collection of international R&D projects, with a focus on advanced TSO/DSO cooperation procedures. Therefore, 19 international R&D projects from the United States, Europe, and Japan have been identified and their objectives, key findings, and recommendations have been collected and summarized. The project fact sheets were provided directly by project members or through a detailed literature review.

The report can be downloaded here.


TRENDS 2018 in Photovoltaic Applications | 23rd Edition by Task 1

The new 2018 Edition of the IEA PVPS report Trends in Photovoltaic Applications is now available. This edition browses 23 years of PV installations in the IEA PVPS member countries and many others. Policies to support PV deployment, industry development and the integration of PV in the power sector are analyzed in depth in this report. Visit the Trends page and find the 23 editions of the report.

The report can be downloaded here.


Human Health Risk Assessment Methods for PV Part 1: Fire Risks by Task 12

This report presents an analysis of potential human health impacts associated with chemical release from modules during a building fire for three PV technologies.

The publication are available here.