New Report Performance & Reliability

Task 13 has published a report about the Use of Advanced Algorithms in PV Failure Monitoring

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New Report Sustainability

Task 12 has published a report with guidelines for PV Module Design in order to have the best recyclability

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New Report Grid Integration

Task 14 has published a report about Best Practices for high penetration PV on islands

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New NSR National Survey Reports

Task 1 has published 2 new National Survey Reports about PV in China and Japan in 2020

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Prizes & Awards Becquerel prize

Congratulations to Ulrike Jahn. The actual Operating Agent of Task 13 is the  well-deserved winner of the Becquerel prize 2021.

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Highlight Annual Report

The Annual Report 2020 highlights the IEA PVPS activities & accomplishments  from last year

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Highlight Market Report

The Snapshot of Global PV Markets developed by Task 1 is out. A synthetic view of what happened in the PV world last year.

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Highlitght Built Integrated PV

Successful Building Integration of Photovoltaics – The new book of Task 15  or How to be inspired by a collection af great international BIPV projects

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New Report Performance & Reliability

Task 13 has published a report about Climatic Rating of Photovoltaic Modules

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New Report Performance & Reliability

Task 13 has published a report about Uncertainties in Yield Assessments and PV LCOE.

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The IEA PVPS TCP regularly publishes assorted reports, articles, and Recommended Practices based on the research activities of the various tasks. Find here the latest publications that help to improve development and deployment within the solar energy sector.

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The IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (PVPS) is one of the collaborative R&D Agreements established within the IEA and, since its establishment in 1993, the PVPS participants have been conducting a variety of joint projects in the application of photovoltaic conversion of solar energy into electricity.