5th IEA PVPS TCP’s Utility Workshop : Peer2Peer Electricity Trade

20 April 2020

This workshop – as a side event of the “Mission Innovation Austria Week 2020” examines the opportunities of Peer2Peer electricity trade as a promising market model for PV and other RES electricity, as well as offering a forum to experts active in Peer2Peer electricity trade to exchange their experience

Examples from different countries and regions will be presented and discussed. Experts from various European Peer2Peer organisations will come together to exchange on experiences made until now and discuss new ways to develop new and attractive trading services.
Along with issues of grid and energy‐market relevance, the workshop will focus specifically on social aspects, such as:

  • How to achieve “social innovation” which is addressed in the European directive?
  • How to address the opportunities and challenges generated by jointly dealing with electricity generation and use?
  • How to convince people to participate in more democratic electricity production and consumption practices and, more generally, of social practices related to e.g. mobility,
    shopping, eating, housing, etc.?

Various European Peer2Peer trading platforms are invited, as well as other P2P experts.

The IEA PVPS 5th Utility Workshop on Peer2Peer Electricity Trade,will now take place as a “virtual online meeting,” due to the COVID-19 restraints.
It is foreseen that there might be two or three electronic sessions on April 20, 2020; each session perhaps lasting approximately two hours.
More details soon.