PV in Smart Grids – Survey


The IEA PVPS Task 14 Subtask C “PV in Smart Grids” will explore the communication and control for high penetration PV systems. The smart grid, the next-generation of power grid, is designed to enable the massive deployment and efficient use of distributed energy resources, including PV. To support real-time information collection, analysis as well as automated control, the deployment of two-way communication and auto-control system for PV system integration is critical. The main intention is to overview the appropriate control strategies and communication technologies to integrate a high number of distributed PV systems into a smart electricity network.

With this survey on PV in Smart Grids we want collect the state of the art of communication and control in the IEA member countries. In addition, we want to explore the opinion of different players in the energy market about their expectation of the future role of PV in Smart Grids. A special focus lays on cyber security issues in the development communication and control for the PV grid integration in future Smart Grids.

With your contribution to this survey, you will add to this status and outlook on PV in Smart Grids.

Please find below the instructions, the questionnaire(in Word and pdf) and an example of completed questionnaire for Germany.

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