3Use of photovoltaic power systems in stand-alone and island applications

Task Managers

Philippe JACQUIN


Considering all types of stand-alone photovoltaic systems, ranging from small PV kits to power stations supplying micro-grids, the main objective of Task 3 was to improve the technical quality and cost-effectiveness of PV systems in stand-alone and island applications. Task 3 aims were:

  • To collect, analyze and disseminate information on the technical performance and cost structure of PV systems in these applications
  • To share the knowledge and experience gained in monitoring selected national and international projects
  • To provide guidelines for improvement of the design, construction and operation of photovoltaic power systems and subsystems
  • To contribute to the development of improved photovoltaic systems and subsystems


Considering the large scope of the stand-alone PV applications, activities took place both in industrialized and Southern countries.

To achieve the overall objectives, collaborative activities focusing on technical issues have been divided into the two main following categories:

  • SubTask 10 | Quality assurance: quality assurance schemes for a better reliability and lower global life cycle costs
  • SubTask 20 | Technical issues: technical recommendations for cost reduction of systems

Task 3 Reports